Starting from specific positions and training live until a specified outcome is one of the keys to improving your skills quickly. This is in contrast to rolling from the feet or knees until submission. When you start from the feet or knees and continue rolling, you may, for example, only get your opponents back or be mounted, one or two times, or not at all in a 10 minute round.

However, starting from specific positions and resetting at a predetermined outcome allows you to work the position fully and exclusively in the same period of time.

Here, Georges St-Pierre and I train live from the back at Tristar Gym in Montreal during the training camp for UFC 217 in preparation for Michael Bisping. Prior to this photo, Georges was on my back, attacking, and I was defending. Note Georges’ excellent hand defense on my choking arm and his tucked chin, while I apply a body triangle to maintain control over a sweaty opponent and work hard to hand fight through his defenses for a choke. The sweat on the mats indicates how slippery we were which provided both advantages and disadvantages for defender and attacker.

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