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Starting from specific positions and training live until a specified outcome is one of the keys to improving your skills quickly. This is in contrast to rolling from the feet or knees until submission. When you start from the feet or knees and continue rolling, you may, for example, only get your opponents back or be mounted, one or two times, or not at all in a 10 minute round.


Apr 2018

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BJJ match of the day is from the 2002 Mundial featuring Roger Gracie as a brownbelt vs Fernando de Piero. Roger, as always, makes great use of the Fundamentals.  

BJJ match of the day is the Finals of the Brazilian Nationals last weekend between Romulo Barral (blue gi) vs Nivaldo de Oliveira Lima from Checkmat. Barral is a 2x World Champion (2007 and 2009), World No-Gi Champion in 09 and a 2x Pan Am Champion. Nivaldo won the World Cup Absolute last year.